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Dear Parents, Students, Staff, and Community Stakeholders,

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you as we pursue the collective goal of student achievement. The school needs parents to understand that students come to school ready to learn, ready to accept responsibility, and assist in a positive learning environment. I hope that your experience with Giles High School is positive, whether you are teaching, learning, or parenting. Our vested interest in student achievement provides the common thread that is woven through our relationships and interactions. It is important to the process of student learning that these relationships are both positive, productive, and enriching.

I believe that significant learning does not occur in a vacuum, without a significant relationship. Caring about student performance and achievement is as critical to teaching as providing the appropriate curriculum. Without caring, learning can become a labor void of direction and purpose; and it is the direction and purpose that all students value in their own education. It is the responsibility of the teacher and school to provide this caring environment to all students.

We know that, at a minimum the start of this school year is like no other in our common experience. Perseverance with technology and direct forms of communication are a challenge for everyone. Lack of student socialization because of distancing requirements is our common concern. Know that throughout the school year and anytime you need the support or assistance of our administrative staff, please ask. We are committed to reaching high levels of student achievement.


Timothy M. Hollar
Principal Giles High School


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